What's the best thing about locally sourced products?

Less miles on your food means fresh

We've sourced local produce and meats from all around southeast louisiana to bring you the freshest food possible!

Nothing is better than getting something homemade

.....And its about time people know who lives in their community...i mean what if you need to borrow a cup of sugar!

its good for your health

Whats better for you then knowing where your food is grown or raised?....it will definitely take your stress level down not having to worry about it!

Head to the store and browse through all our beautiful products

We have got a wide variety of farm products from Sacred Roots Farm and our friends at our neighboring farms.

Check out and pay

We accept Paypal, all major credit cards , and if you have a chicken or a goat you looking to trade ...i'm sure we can work something out!

Pick up at one of our 2 convenient locations

Pick up at the Hammond Farmers Market 8-12 or at your favorite local brewery Gnarley Barley 2-5....and pick up a brew and a bite of food while your there!

About Sacred Roots Farm

Hey there guys!...we are Sacred Roots Farm. We are a local southeast louisiana family farm learning the ropes about growing food for our community. Now in our fourth season we have become good friends with the dirt and are ramping up production. Upon moving back to louisiana (the place where we were both raised) my wife and I agreed to raise our son to know how to live off the land and learn the old ways of how to grow his own food. So thats what we are doing! Thanks to the Hammond Farmers market and to all the beautiful people we have met in this community on this journey. Join us on this new leg of the adventure ! Learning and growing!

A list of our friends at our neighboring farms

  • Our Family Farm
  • Simple Harmony Farm
  • Local Cooling Farm
  • Red Maple Farm

Keep your kitchen busy with our tasty recipes!

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