"Well I've never been a farmer." Those were the first words out of my mouth when my long time friend called me up and asked if we would be interested in starting an organic farm on his family's dairy land. "But I've always wanted to be!" Was my reply.We always had a small garden in every place we had lived but always dreamt of growing on a large scale. So Brit (5 mouths pregnant) and I put in our two weeks notice , packed up our Colorado home and headed down south to where we were raised not knowing what was in store but excited at the chance of creating something good, right and educational for our child to be brought up in.
Upon arriving, within the first few weeks we realized that it wasn't going to be a walk in the park, but we pushed on. Between setting up a homebase, raising our first child and being young farmers figuring out the dirt, we had a full plate. We learned that organic farming on a large scale is alot more intensive than conventional as far as dealing with pests and fertilizer go. But we were up to the challenge. People had been growing their own food for centuries organically with no problem before chemicals came around, so could we. Besides who wants to eat chemicals. Through lots of trial and error (and hair pulling) our dream of a farm was beginning to become a reality. Now in our fourth season we have nearly worked out all the kinks. (ha).But we have learned that every day has its own set of issues . So we just go with the flow. Don't fight the current. Because theres no such thing as a pessimistic farmer.
But we didn't get to where we are now alone. Having lived in the Hammond area when we were young we knew there was a good community but we never knew they would be this supportive. All of the local farms and Hammond farmers market family have been very warm and accepting. Also because of a chance meeting due to a lost dog in the rain, we met our friends and sister farm , Our Family Farm, who gave us the opportunity to work on their farm and learn chickens and how a hydroponics set up works. Now in our fourth season our garden will be packed full of all sorts of beautiful organic veggies.Thanks to learning from all our mistakes from our previous seasons we have come up with a system of growing that acually works. We will be using homemade compost tea, cover crops, crop rotation and making use of our livestock to create a permaculture to rebuild soil for each season and with our switch to solar and wind by next year this farm will be completely self sufficient for years to come. Not to mention the veggies that will come out of our high tunnel (that our community bought us through a fundraiser we put on earlier last year..thanks! :)) and hydroponic cherry tomato greenhouse.
Well thats a short history of Sacred Roots Farm. So come up to the Hammond farmers market from 8 to noon and see what we got. Everything from tomatoes to potatoes to mushrooms to flower blooms (depending on the season of course) and as always we will have Our Family Farms gorgeous hydroponic lettuce. We are also gearing up for weekly co-op boxes that will be stuffed full of good food from us and neighboring farms available for pickup at market sometime around end of May. For updates on the boxes and pretty pictures of the farm, head to our Facebook and Instagram and give us a like. Also check out Our Family Farm, good people right there. You keep growing with us and we'll keep growing with you guys. Thanks for helping us get back to our roots!
Dan, Brit, and Ezrah